Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Winter Wonderland Tag!

Hello everyone! Today I'm doing the Winter Wonderland Tag, so lets give it go! 

1. What winter holiday do you celebrate?

2. What is one item you hope to receive as a present for Christmas or another holiday?
I'm not really hoping for anything, just something sentimental or that I can use for college!

3. Gingerbread cookies or Candy Canes?
Candy Canes! I love them, at my school we used to be able to get someone to deliver candy canes to people and I loved receiving them!

4. Snowball fights or sledding?
You can't beat a good old snowball fight can you?

5. What is your go to winter outfit?
Either a pair of jeans and knitted jumper with big fluffy socks! Or a dress with big woollen tights.

6. What are your favourite winter/holiday makeup items?
I have been loving Rimmel stay matte powder and Maybelline baby lips in Cherry me!

7. Does it snow where you live?
Where I used to live we used to get a lot, but since moving I live by the sea we haven't had any L

8. What is your favourite Christmas/holiday song?
Fairy Tale of New York!

9. What is your favourite holiday movie?
You can't beat Elf!

10. What is your favourite holiday decoration?
Whenever we go to a new country or city we buy something to go on the Christmas tree, I couldn't choose just one but every time I look I always think of all the memories I had in those places!

I tag all of you lovely bloggers reading this to do this tag!


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Gemma xx