Friday, 24 April 2015

My Beauty Habits Tag

I thought I would do a tag post today and answer some beauty related questions, as after all I love beauty!

How many times do you wash your face daily? I wash my face twice a day, once in the morning and then again the evening to take my makeup off.

What skin type do you have? My skin type is combo to oily, It does make finding products difficult but hey ho!

What is your current facial wash? At the moment I am using a tea tree foaming facial was which was only 87p! It has really surprised me and actually does a decent job. I also use Superdrug B exfoliating cleanser which I use as a basic exfoliator.

Do you exfoliate? Yes! I think it makes makeup sit better on my face!

What brand do you use? I use a variety of different brands!

What moisturiser do you use? I use a Vaseline moisturiser, they work well and make a good base for my makeup, in the winter when my skin gets a bit drier I use E45 intense moisturiser.

Do you have freckles? Yes I do! They seem to be a lot more noticeable in the summer!

Do you use eye cream? Not really I use one occasionally but not on a regular basis.

Do you or did you have acne prone skin? I have had and still do suffer from the occasional breakout.

What foundation do you use? On a regular basis I use Rimmel Match perfection and love it, it is from the drugstore and is very affordable.

How about concealer? I use the collection lasting perfection concealer and it has to be one of my staple products! I also love the 2true concealer.

Do you know your colour undertone? I would say I have a yellow undertone

What do you think of fake lashes? I don't really use fake eyelashes, I have used them once or twice and think they do look good but I think they are a lot of effort and prefer to use a good mascara!

Did you know that you are supposed to change your mascara every 3 months? Yes I did! I always change mine every 3 months but a good tip is when a mascara has run out wash the brush and get rid of all the old mascara and then use the brush as a eyebrow spoolie.

What brand of mascara do you use? I love Maybelline, No.7 and L'oreal.

Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner? Pencil all the way!

Do you like drugstore makeup? Yes I love it! I think it can be better than high end sometimes!

If you could leave the house using just one makeup item what would it be? Mascara all the way! I think it can make you look so much more awake!

I hope you liked this post! Choose one question and answer it down in the comments! 

Friday, 17 April 2015

kms hairplay

The KMS Hair play* can be used on both wet and dry hair and is essentially a dry wax in a spray can! It is easy to use, I just sprayed a bit on my towel dried hair and then blow dried my hair as normal, you can also use it to add texture by spraying it onto dry hair and then running your fingers through your roots to add volume.

I must admit I'm not normally a fan of using wax in a pot as it makes your hands all sticky and you have to rub the wax into your hair really well to make sure you don't get any clumps, so when I came to use this I was really fascinated at how it would work since its in a spray can but it actually saves so much mess and hassle, you just spray it in and then either brush it through or use your fingers and it adds volume.

This adds a natural looking texture to my hair and doesn't make it feel sticky or weighted down with product, The only slight downside I found is that for the first few hours the wax holds up well but after around 3 hours the volume whereas with wax in a pot it does last a lot longer.  You can buy this product online, click here, for £14.50.

Friday, 10 April 2015

KMS add volume volumizing spray

I have quite thick hair and often find that I lack volume in the roots of my hair, the KMS add volume volumizing spray* not only claims to add volume but also heat protection which really appealed to me as I love to be able to use one product to do two different jobs! You can also use it as a thickening spray and layer it up to add volume to your hair.
I would say to use this sparingly as when I applied to much my hair felt and looked quite greasy and also gave my hair a weird crunchy texture.

I personally find the best way to use it was to spray a small amount into the roots and then blow dry, I tried spraying it into dry hair and found it just made my hair feel sticky and greasy. The first thing I noticed when I first used it was the smell, it is a very strong smell although I'm not sure exactly what it smells off personally I am not keen on it. Once you have blow dried your hair the smell does disappear and doesn't linger.

I did layer up the product by spraying in before I blow dried and then another bit to the roots around half way through blow drying my hair, it didn't leave my hair feeling greasy or weighted down and it did add extra volume to my roots, I found that one layer of the spray was plenty and really lifted my roots and was noticeable. The product applies really evenly throughout so you don't get any clumps in your hair. You can buy this product online, click here, for £15, I have used this for around 1-2 months now and it has lasted me really well. 

What is your favourite volumizing hair product? Let me know in the comments! 

Monday, 6 April 2015

You know your a Beauty Blogger when..

1.    You have a box of unopened products that you need to photograph before you use them.

2.    You know what #bbloggers stands for

3.    You can't leave boots without having a dozen swatches on your hands/ arms

4.    You are sat writing a blog post when the sun comes out so you run like a mad women to get your camera and take photos of all your unused products!

5.    You are apart of nearly every social media

6.    The first thing you do every morning is check your emails and all social media

7.    You could literally spend hours in boots and superdrug and you probably have!

8.    Your favourite aisle at the supermarket is the beauty aisle

9.    You cringe when people say they only face wipes to take their makeup off.

10. Everything you buy is for blogging purchases and you have the frame of mind where you go "Oh I will just get this to review on the blog" like you need to justify purchasing it!

I hope you liked this post! Can you relate to anything on the list, or know of any I missed out? Let me know in the comments! 

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter Everyone!

Happy Easter! I hope you all have had a good day and have had plenty of chocolate to eat! I am excited to tuck into my pile of Easter eggs! Let me know what your favourite type of chocolate is in the comments below!

Friday, 3 April 2015

Tips for a good night sleep!

As much as we all like to think that a good skincare routine is the key to looking your best, its not always the answer! You can try all the lotions and potions out there but to look fresh faced and glowing you need to have a decent nights sleep.
I do struggle to sleep some nights so I thought I would share some of my tips that help me to get a good nights sleep!

1.    Have a hot drink before you go to bed
This has really worked for me! I have started drinking Horlicks which says is for night time and helps to aid sleep, and it has really helped me to have a decent sleep! I normal have half a mug around 1 hour before I go to bed.

2.    Try not to go on your phone/laptop 2-3 hours before you go to bed
I hold my hands up and admit I am really bad at this, a few weeks back I was really struggling to sleep so I decided to try turning my laptop off at 8 so that I had at least 2-3 hours before I go to sleep without looking at a screen, I honestly can't tell you how much I benefited from doing this! I know bloggers find it hard with all the chats going on but maybe try a few times a week just turning everything off and seeing if it helps!

3.    Read a book
Like I said above I have been turning my laptop off and instead of spending the time I would normally on the internet I have been swapping it for reading a book, it is a brilliant way to wind down and just relax in the evening!

4.    Have a warm bath or shower
Having a warm bath helps relax you and is a good way to wind down before bed, for some people having a shower can make them more awake so just do what you think is best!

Have you tried any of these tips before? Do you have problems sleeping? Let me know your tips and tricks below! 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Meet my April Advertisers!

Let me introduce you to my April Advertisers! 

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I love all things cats, video games, music and photography. I blog about pretty much anything on my mind, i try to keep up to date with the latest beauty products, music and fashion. I'm a bargain blogger and i love sharing my findings about the budget side of life! 

Where can you find Vicki? 

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