Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Breakfast Smoothie - Banana And Strawberry

I am loving smoothies right now and have been experimenting to find the perfect smoothie recipe so when a packet of my protein breakfast smoothie came through my door I was extremely excited to try it out! I received the flavour Banana and strawberry* which really appealed to me as I love both bananas and strawberry’s!

This smoothie has added protein in so it’s a great filling breakfast to start off your day; the smoothie comes in a small packet. To make the smoothie you add 250ml of either cold water or milk and then add the smoothie mix and shake to make sure it is smooth in consistency, it then says to leave in the fridge to sit before you can drink it!

At first I was really surprised because the shake was green but then I soon realised that aswell as the banana and strawberry there were also green veg in there too, when I did try it I wasn’t sure on the taste it is very very sweet so if you don’t like a sweet shake then this isn’t for you but if you do have a sweet tooth then it might be worth giving this a go, I did try adding oats to mix it up a bit which did take some of the sweetness away.

In terms of keeping me full till around lunch it does do its job to a certain extent, I did find myself feeling a bit peckish at around 10:30 but it was nothing like being starving for lunch! I do think this is a reasonably quick breakfast and is a good source of protein if you haven’t got time to make eggs in the morning!

This shake is available from my protein for 92p for the one sachet, which Is okay but does work out more expensive to cereal.

Have you tried a shake in the morning or do you prefer normal cereal? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I make smoothies for breakfast sometimes, but I haven't tried smoothies as a shake like this. I usually make them with fruits, curd and juice (or water or milk). Mostly I'm more of a sandwich girl :) I like that this could keep you full till lunch though, even if it sounds like it's a bit to sweet for my taste :) xx

  2. That sounds delicious - I guess the MyProtein stuff is really working for you.

    Lizzie Dripping


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