Thursday, 10 September 2015

Vintage Cosmetic Company Connie Lashes

Anyone who knows me well knows I am a sucker for cute packaging so I was thrilled to open the parcel from the Vintage cosmetic company, I just love their packaging its really girly and vintage-eek. 

I love a natural looking eyelash and whenever I have seen people wearing false lashes they always look over done and not very natural, I can’t imagine wearing lashes every day and to be honest I don’t think I would have the patience or time to but if I am going out I still like to look very natural but have something that accentuates my own features, I love the whole full look but something that doesn’t go too overboard and looks fake.

The lashes I got to try out were Connie* they are the perfect everyday lashes in my opinion and add more volume to natural lashes.

When I tried them on they felt very light and looked extremely natural which is something that made me extremely happy! They don’t drag on my eyes either and I can hardly feel that I am wearing compared to other eyelashes I have tried from different brands where my eyes feel extremely heavy with them on.

The packet comes with its own lash glue which compared to others it is a lot better, for £6 I really don’t think you can complain they are also removable and reusable aswell which is another bonus! I would definitely recommend these lashes and I have fallen in love with them, I can’t wait to wear them again!

These are available from The vintage cosmetic company ( for £6.


  1. These look beautiful! I don't wear lashes very often but these look pretty natural so I might try them out

    Rachel | Beauty and The Bird

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