Friday, 18 March 2016

Recent Film Loves

This last month I have really been enjoying watching films in my free time, so today I thought I would share some of my favourites!

This is such a funny film and one of those films you can just sit back and watch without it having a deep meaning behind it. It is one of those films that is just easy to watch and makes you laugh at the same time!

In her Shoes:
This film came out in 2005 so it is an older film but you can’t tell by the quality. Again this is a funny film about two sisters who at first don’t see eye to eye so the whole film is about learning about themselves and each other and It is such a great film.

The Mockingjay Part 1:
I have been obsessed with the whole franchise of these films, I loved reading the books and the films are just as good! I wouldn’t say its my favourite of the 3 (I haven’t seen part 2 yet) but it is still really good and its one of those films that you don’t get tired of watching.

I loved this series! I recently got these DVD’s for my birthday and I watched them straight away I was so excited to see them and it certainly lived up to my expectations! It is action packed and is quite similar to the Hunger Games so if you liked that but haven’t seen these definitely give them a watch!

I hope you enjoyed this little post! Let me know in the comments what films you would recommend!

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