Friday, 11 March 2016

What I do on a lazy day

For the last few weeks I have been in a pretty bad mood, I just haven’t felt like myself and I over Christmas all I could think about was all the uni work I had. Most of us at some point in our lives will have hit a wall and feel a bit down in the dumps, my favourite way to have a little pick me up is to have a relaxing lazy day so I thought I would share some of the things I do to cheer me up!

Watching films: anyone who knows me well knows that I love watching films and could spend hours upon hours watching them. I love putting a good film on and just getting really into it. I always take a selection of DVD’s into my room on lazy days and just work my way through them!

Fluffy PJ’s: The whole point of a lazy day is being comfortable, so I pick out my cosiest PJ’s and some fluffy socks and then get ready to relax!

Snacks: With the movie marathon I am about to have I like to have a selection of snacks to munch on while making my way through the many films I have planned for the day! My normal choices would be popcorn, crisps and some chocolate. I also like to make big mug of hot chocolate… yummy!

Fairy Lights: I put all my fairy lights on in my room and sometimes light a few candles to make it feel super relaxed and chilled!

Facemasks: Now I don’t always do facemasks on a relaxing day but most times I do! I like to do it in the evening when I have finished my films as I don’t like to have to get up and take it off in the middle of a good film!

I love having relaxing days and I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I get up to on a lazy day! Let me know in the comments what you get up too!


  1. On my lazy days, I love to binge watch an old series like The Hills, switch my phone off and just chill in bed! I did that on Friday afternoon, on my day off... bliss! :) xx


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