Saturday, 28 May 2016

My Protein Workout Wear

For me workout wear is really important, I don’t like anything too restrictive as I feel like I can’t move around as easily but I also don’t like baggy clothes as they can ride up. I also love to have bright clothes as it makes me want to work out!


I have recently been loving the My Protein clothing range as all their items are really affordable, good quality and have amazing prints! I am in love with these yoga pants*, they are extremely comfy and I find them great for being able to move around in. The leggings are made from polyester and Elastin, which give it a good stretch, but they are also thick enough that when you are stretching they don’t go see through!

What I especially love about these leggings is that the top part, that sits on your waist, has an elastic rim but with a gripping band that sits on your skin. This ensures that no matter what you are doing the pants stay up which is an added bonus!

The sports bra* is in the same material as the bottoms, which is black with streaks of electric blue and bright purple. This bra has elastic underneath, which is great for making sure it doesn’t ride up. The back of the bra is a racer style, which I personally really like. 

The only things I am not so keen on is instead of the straps being stitched onto the back it has two plastic rings holding them to the rest of the bra which I feel like after a lot of uses might wear down. For heavier impact sports I do prefer a fuller strap as I feel like it offers more support but this is perfect for yoga or a workout in the gym.

If you are looking for something that is practical yet stylish you really can’t go wrong with the My Protein range, they are my go to workout wear! Let me know in the comments what you think!