Saturday, 30 July 2016

Why I haven't been blogging and uni drama!

As some of you may know if you follow me on Twitter that back in March I went to Poland with university. I was planning on uploading a blog post about my trip but unfortunately my trip didn’t go as planned and since I have got back I wasn’t in the right mind set to blog so I have had a few months out to spend time to myself and just get back to being a happier me! But I thought I would let you know some of the story as to why I haven’t been blogging!

So back to Poland, it was my first proper trip away and I was going away with 3 of my best friends from university ... so what could be better?! The night before we all stayed at my friends flat as we were leaving campus at 5am. We didn’t sleep much the night before. It was my first time ever on a plane so I was extremely anxious but was mostly excited about the trip!

Day 1:
So in the morning we got up at 3am got ourselves up and ready and made sure we were at our meeting point 20 minutes early. We were told we were leaving at 5am on the dot and if anyone was late they would be left behind, which was fine. So pretty much everyone was there early except one girl, we had her number so we called her to check she was up and see where she was, turns out she was running late and so the coach waited for her. We flew from Doncaster airport but as we waited for this girl we were running late to catch our flight… by late I mean we had minutes till the gate closed. We got on the flight and everyone was scattered around so I ended up not sitting anywhere near my friends. The flight itself was really good, I was fine once up in the air, I had a little wobble before we boarded but was fine after that. Now if you have been reading my blog for a while you might know that I am allergic to nuts, I told the university tutors who promised me everything had been sorted with the airline and all the hotels and universities we were visiting in Poland. Well when we get on the plane the airhostess announces that they would be serving nuts (Something my tutor said they wouldn’t) so I pressed the buzzer and sorted it out with the hostess who said they wouldn’t serve it but as they weren’t aware before hand there was no food I could buy. We get to Poland and the weather was nice and sunny but absolutely freezing! The first hotel we were staying at was really nice and the 4 of us were sharing a room, we had 5 minutes to drop our bags off and then had a walk to the university where we had to sit and watch presentations (It was around 4pm by this time) I was shattered from the flight and starving as I had had nothing since 3am. We played some introduction games, which I really enjoyed, and then had some Polish food…. But as you might have guessed I couldn’t have any as my tutor hadn’t told the uni about my nut allergy! Anyway we were planning to go out as a group for some dinner at a local restaurant but we wasn’t due to leave the university till 9 and there was a extremely long wait for food, however my friend as she is diabetic, started to go into hypo (basically if you don’t know her blood sugars went really low) so the four of us got her some sweets and decided we needed to get food quicker so arranged to go back to the hotel on our own and get some pizza. We told our tutor and another student to let everyone know the reason we were going back and told them we would see them in the morning. I must say our pizza was amazing!

Day 2:
We woke up bright and early and the four of us were up showered, dressed and ready for the day. The first day we were handed an itenary for the entire trip, which said, we needed to meet down at the hotel for 7:45. All four of us were downstairs waiting, we waited for 20 minutes before one of the Polish students came down and said our group had already left 45 minutes before the itenary had said. Our group LEFT without the four of us! Not one person, including tutors, thought to come and knock on our door to see if we were okay. They didn’t know we had even got back to the hotel safely the night before. We rang the girl who was late on the first day, as she was the only person we had a number for, and asked to be put through to our tutor who simply told us to meet them at the next location (we don’t speak Polish and didn’t know the address or anything of the next activity!) So in the morning we pottered around the hotel and then went for a little walk around, we had a really lovely day just the four of us and made the best we could out of a bad situation. We then messaged this girl asking for the address and got no reply so we kept messaging and got nothing back so instead we decided to do our own thing for the whole day as we had no other way to communicate and didn’t have a clue where they were expecting us to meet. We didn’t have a map of the area and the locals didn’t speak much English so we had a bit of lunch and wondered around for a bit before going back and spending the rest of the afternoon in the hotel chatting, hoping someone would come and check on us but still nothing. It was 24 hours by this point since anyone from our group had seen us and we still hadn’t heard anything so we decided to go and get some dinner. While we were there we wrote on our trip Facebook group that we were extremely disappointed that no one knew we were missing and that we would report the trip on return from university so we get back to our hotel and all of our tutors are waiting outside our room and asked us to have a chat. Well this chat went on for nearly 2 hours with the tutors saying in one breath they hadn’t changed the plans and then in the next saying they had, basically they kept contradicting themselves and trying to pass the blame so we got nowhere, no apology, nothing. So the tutors left and the four of us stayed in the room for a bit to cool down and talk about what had happened, I then decided it was late and wanted to go to bed so I opened the door and all of the other students on the trip had been outside the room listening in. Basically this then turned into a massive verbal fight with them blaming us and saying we were in the wrong to put on Facebook and some pretty nasty things were said about us.

Basically to gut a long story a tiny bit shorter…. Trust me we could be here for days! Since returning from the trip you could cut the tension with a knife, the university has done nothing to resolve the issues and basically it has been the worst few months ever. I have hated going in to university, the only bit I enjoyed was seeing my 3 friends that I have made but apart from that we would go to lessons and have sly comments said about us. 

So there we have it, I really don’t know about going back in September so would love to hear your views in the comments!