Friday, 19 August 2016

Dropping out of University

I like to think of myself as a very positive person. I always try and look on the bright side and appreciate the small things in life that make me happy. This past year has been one of my worst years, I dreaded getting up in the mornings and I just felt pretty crap and miserable. I was constantly stressed out over exams and coursework deadlines and I slowly started to stop seeing my friends. I was not myself at all and this was clear to everyone around me, except me.

Deep down I knew where all the feelings were coming from but I didn’t want to admit it and let myself down but most importantly anyone else down. I had been struggling with university for the majority of the year and although I love all the friends I made there I couldn’t find one other positive thing about the course.

I decided I will not be returning to university and I think it is going to be the best decision I have made. I already feel like myself again and a massive weight has been lifted, I’m not ruling out ever going back to university but for the minute I don’t want to return and that’s okay.

I’m not someone who gives up things lightly either I like to stick things out till the end but I have never ever been so unhappy in my life. My course was awful, tutors wouldn’t turn up and if you read my post about Poland you will know how the other students treated me.

I have realised that there is more to life than just studying and that’s okay! Not everyone will choose the same path in life, there are so many routes to get to the same place, it might take longer but you will still get there if you set your mind too it.

I know this is probably a bit of a rambly post but I thought I would share a life update to let you know where I am at. Life is too short so I’m not going to please others, I am going to start doing things that make me happy and get to be where I want to be regardless of what other people think.


  1. You've made a hard choice but hopefully a good one - hope you feel back to yourself soon.

  2. Ah sweetie! You've made such a big decision but like you said there is nothing stopping you going back when you're ready too! Better to make yourself happy again then put yourself through another rubbish year xx

    Alice Anne // Annie Writes Beauty

  3. I dropped out of uni..twice! You need to do what's right for you :) hope you are feeling better xo

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