Friday, 14 October 2016

Things you learn working in Retail

I have been at my current job for a year now and it’s flown by! I have the most amazing colleagues and I actually love going to work! There are a few things that I have learnt over the past year so I thought I would share them with you!

1.     Work friends – Having good friends at work makes each day really fun and makes the time go a lot quicker, I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of work friends. Although if they asked I would deny it haha.

2.     All go or go slow – There is no in between. I work in retail so we are either extremely hectic with a line of customers waiting or we are totally dead and sorting out the mess that was just left behind!

3.     Nice customers make your day – I work in mainly an older ladies shop and I love having a good natter with everyone, If you are nice and have a good chat It really makes my day. If you aren’t so nice lets just say that everyone spends at least half an hour talking about it.

4.     5p bags – I have never known something so little in price cause such a MASSIVE up roar! The 5p bag charge has been going on nearly a year and still every shift I still get someone moaning about it!

5.     Mess – In my shop we have tops folded on a stand, I swear sometimes that a customer will come into the shop and mess it all up just to annoy you. But you still have to smile!

6.     Gritted smile – Like I mentioned earlier if you get a … difficult customer you learn very quickly the “Fake laugh and smile” and your work mates will soon know when you are annoyed!

7.     Closing time – 10 minutes before closing you can bank on having a swarm of people enter the shop. They then proceed to walk around at leisurely pace like they have all the time in the world… actually you don’t I’m not paid after 4 so shift it!

8.     Witty comments from customers – you know the ones that if something isn’t scanning they automatically say “Oh it must be free then!” haha.. That would be funny if it was the first time I had heard that this shift!

9.     Glares – When someone is telling you their life story at the till and you have a massive long queue behind them and everyone in the line is giving you the death stare like you are meant to turn around and tell them to shut up!

10. Customers changing their mind – Yes okay everyone changes their mind about an item at some point but if you can’t find where it goes I would rather you just give It to me to put back rather than me having to play a game of hide and seek to find where you put it!

I hope you like this post! Do you work in retail or have anything else that bugs you? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I agree completely haha - retail means you love people one minute and hate them the next.

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