Friday, 25 November 2016

Why I'm glad I can drive

I waited a till I was 18 to start my driving lessons, mainly because I had recently moved to a new area but was also in the middle of my A-Levels so didn’t want an extra pressure. I have been driving for nearly a year now and it is honestly one of the best things I have done.

Independence – I love being able to decide where I want to go, If someone asks me to go out I can just hop in the car and go rather than having to rely on my parents or the dreaded public buses! It also means that my mum and dad can just text me if they need some bits and pieces and I can drive round to get it.

Being able to go anywhere at any time – I don’t have to time everything with everyone else. Before I used to have to make sure I either went to a place I could get to on a bus or make sure I picked a day where my mum or dad could take me.

Saving time – I used to spend half my life (okay maybe a slight exaggeration) waiting for public transport. I used to hate standing in the rain waiting for a bus that was normally 40 minutes late then arriving at college looking like a drowned rat! By being able to drive I only need to rely on myself and it means I don’t need to leave super early!

I get that its not all positives. Combine driving lessons, petrol and insurance it isn’t the cheapest thing to do but I am so glad I started, I can’t imagine not being able to drive now as I have become so much more independent!

Friday, 18 November 2016

My 2am Thoughts

Since its been summer I have been enjoying the lighter nights so generally speaking have been going to bed a lot later than usual. I can often find myself saying “I will just watch one more Youtube video” to 3 hours later still being stuck in the black hole that is YouTube watching a video on how you make ice cream. I thought it would be a bit of fun to share my 2am thoughts.

1.     I said I was having an early night tonight

2.     I’ll just write my to do list for tomorrow in case I forget it.

3.     It was only 12 when I last checked, how did it get so late?!

4.     * Counts how many hours you have till your alarm goes off *

5.     I will just watch one more video.. an hour later

6.     Why am I always so much more productive at 2am?!

7.     * Has a billion different blog post ideas *

8.     Did I actually lock the front door * Gets up to check, gets back in bed and 5 minutes later needs the toilet *

What are your thoughts at god knows that time in the morning?

Friday, 11 November 2016

How to tell you have caught the travel bug

I am obsessed with travelling, If I could travel every day of my life I would.. not sure my bank balance would be too happy though! I’m always daydreaming about all the latest places to visit so I thought I would share how you know when you have caught the travel bug!

1.     You don’t need a plan – If your anything like me you will like to loose yourself in the moment and explore as much of the culture as you can. You like to visit new places and love just wandering around finding new places!

2.     Travel photos – Your camera or phone is full of travel pictures whether its from your last trip or places you want to visit! You might even stalk look through hundreds of travel related instagram posts. I always complain about.

3.     Language is not a problem – You love embracing new cultures and learning new languages. Language should never be a barrier.

4.     Curiosity killed the cat – I for one an a extremely curious person and will often “Just wonder” about things and love to try things to see what its like. It’s the same with travelling you might be keen to try a new place just to see what its like and what hidden gems it can offer!

5.     You love an adventure – You can live in the moment and not find yourself worrying about later. You make the most of every little minute and experience of the day no matter what you are doing.

6.     You are always looking at new places to travel – I know I have a list as long as my arm of new places to go.

Do you think I missed anything off the list? Let me know some of the places you would love to travel to!

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Because I'm happy

This post is going to be a bit different from my usual Because I’m happy posts as I’m also going to be sharing bloggers who have made me happy or smile this week. It could be a message on twitter or a blog post I have loved! Make sure you go and check them all out!

1)   Laughing till you cry

2)   Waking up before your alarm

3)   Buying new home ware

4)   Lighting your favourite candle

5)   Spending time with family

Bloggers who have made me smile:

Make sure you go over and check their blogs out and don’t forget to leave me your top 5 happy moments this week!

Friday, 4 November 2016

Blog post ideas for bloggers block

I have had those days where I can’t even think of what to blog and my mind just goes completely blank. I want to share with you some of the ideas I use or want to use in the future if I ever get bloggers block. I thought it would be useful to have all the ideas in one place instead of trying to find those little scraps of paper with all my blog post ideas!

v Current Favourites – This can be beauty, fashion, music, lifestyle anything you want!

v Reviews – it can be a product you have brought recently or an old favourite.

v Wish lists – super fun to make and I love reading through other people’s wish lists!

v Life lately – Giving a little update on your life or an exciting day out.

v Favourite bloggers or Youtuber’s – Everyone loves finding out a new blog to read!

v Bucket list ideas – why not compile a list of ideas you would like to do?

v Haul posts

v Weekly instagram pictures

v A day in the life

v Favourite places to visit

v Top 5 – It could be films, makeup products, TV shows anything you like!

v Photography tips

v Letter to your younger or older self

v Skincare routines

v Future goals

v Story’s – I love reading personal stories!

v Pamper night

v Photography session – why not go out and about taking photos and share them on your blog?

v Latest DIY’s or crafts

v Food posts – are you cooking a nice meal or baking a cake? Why not share the recipe on your blog?

There are so many more ideas you can come up with but I thought I would just share a few to give you some inspiration! Let me know what blog posts you like reading in the comments!