Friday, 4 November 2016

Blog post ideas for bloggers block

I have had those days where I can’t even think of what to blog and my mind just goes completely blank. I want to share with you some of the ideas I use or want to use in the future if I ever get bloggers block. I thought it would be useful to have all the ideas in one place instead of trying to find those little scraps of paper with all my blog post ideas!

v Current Favourites – This can be beauty, fashion, music, lifestyle anything you want!

v Reviews – it can be a product you have brought recently or an old favourite.

v Wish lists – super fun to make and I love reading through other people’s wish lists!

v Life lately – Giving a little update on your life or an exciting day out.

v Favourite bloggers or Youtuber’s – Everyone loves finding out a new blog to read!

v Bucket list ideas – why not compile a list of ideas you would like to do?

v Haul posts

v Weekly instagram pictures

v A day in the life

v Favourite places to visit

v Top 5 – It could be films, makeup products, TV shows anything you like!

v Photography tips

v Letter to your younger or older self

v Skincare routines

v Future goals

v Story’s – I love reading personal stories!

v Pamper night

v Photography session – why not go out and about taking photos and share them on your blog?

v Latest DIY’s or crafts

v Food posts – are you cooking a nice meal or baking a cake? Why not share the recipe on your blog?

There are so many more ideas you can come up with but I thought I would just share a few to give you some inspiration! Let me know what blog posts you like reading in the comments!

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