Friday, 20 January 2017

Things I'm Grateful for

 I love looking at all the small things in life to be happy about but today I thought I would share some of the reasons and things I am grateful for.

1) Having a supportive family
My family mean everything to me and having parents that would do anything for me is such a blessing. I know its easy to take parents and family for granted but I really do appreciate everything they have ever done for me.

2) Living somewhere nice
I live in such a beautiful place in the UK , I’m not a fan of big cities so love having a small town about 20 minutes away and having the seaside on my doorstep.

3) Access to education
I know most people when they are at school moan about being there and wish they could grow up and then others saying “School days are the best” but I am really glad I had access to a free education but also that I can still go to places to get an education and try different courses If I wanted to.

These are just a few things I am grateful for, I would love to know some things that make you feel grateful.

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