Sunday, 16 June 2019

My recent empty products

We all know that the very best products are the ones that you make sure you use every last bit of product in there and then either instantly re purchase or you have already brought in anticipation of running out! For once I have actually managed to save up my empty products so that I could share them with you, most of my empties here are my absolute holy grail products and I wouldn’t be without them!

1 - Maybelline lash sensational mascara
I use this everyday and have never found a drugstore mascara that matches the results that I get from using this one. It makes my eyes look so defined, dark and just really completes my makeup look!

2 – L’oreal Hydra Genius aloe water
This is one of my holy grail products and must be on my 4th or 5th bottle, I have never used anything that makes my skin feel so soft. I use this every morning and evening and it acts as a great base beneath my makeup.

3 – Elvive dream lengths no haircut cream
This is one of the best hair products out there, this makes my hair feel unbelievably soft and makes it an absolute dream to style or even just pop this in and let it dry naturally it keeps all my hairs tamed and looking sleek.

4 – Collection lasting perfection
This is the only concealer I use and have ever re purchased, it was always the one that was hyped up in the bloggersphere and still to this day it gets mentioned, for the price and what it does to my under eyes I will keep re buying!

5 – Sure cool blue
So deodorant isn’t something I talk about a lot on my blog but it’s the same as makeup products everyone has their own choices and ones that work and don’t work for them. I work on a cruise ship and that often means I’ll be out in sweltering heats and this is the only deodorant that works for me!

6 – Clean and clear deep cleansing lotion
Again another product that over the years I have mentioned a lot on my blog, I use this every morning to cleanse my skin and it just makes me feel so clean and refreshed and really wakes me up of a morning.

7 – Estee lauder advanced night repair and eye concerntrate
I have been using this for about a year now and this is my 2nd bottle of each, I bloody love these products and would recommend till the cows came home, this serum and eye cream have sorted my skin out no end and finally made me feel confident to go out without makeup as my skin just looks so healthy and glowing!

So that’s all my product empties recently. Have you tried any of the products mentioned let me know in the comments!

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Setting Goals

So at the start of every year, like most people I set myself goals and targets for the year ahead. This year was no different and I set myself a series of things I am hoping to achieve and intergrate into my daily routines! Today I just wanted to share some of the goals I have set over the past month or 2 so without further adieu here we go!

Have a blog makeover 

I have been in a bit of a slump with my blog recently don't get me wrong I am still really enjoying blogging and everything that goes with it but I think its time for a change, whether thats a design, rename something to freshen it up a bit! I would love to know what you think of this in the comments, especially if you can recommend any who does blog designs!

Look into houses 

Now its no secret that I want a house and about this time last year I became completely obsessed with having my own house... to the extent I was going round the supermarkets admiring all the home ware sections! So this isn't an immediate goal but I want to start putting things in place to make it happen!

Make things more homely 

With technology cropping up left, right and centre sometimes you forget to print things such as pictures or memories. I want to start making my room more homely by having more pictures, candles, fairy lights and just making it somewhere I enjoy going and somewhere that reflects me.

So those are just a few of the things I want to try and achieve before the year is up! Let me know what you think in the comments.

Sunday, 26 May 2019

The travel tag

I absolutely love travelling and love to discover new places so when I saw the Travel tag I knew I had to give it a go! So lets get straight into it!

1. You are leaving tomorrow to start a life in a new country, where would you go?

Ooo that’s a tough one. I would say the Caribbean because Tortola is my absolute favourite place ever! It's so calm and just so so beautiful. That being said I would also quite like Norway. 

2. You can take someone for a weekend away to the place you had the best holidays ever, where would that be and who would you take to go with you?

Barton Grange with Harry, I have so many happy memories here and even though it's nowhere abroad its my favourite getaway. 

3. You can get married wherever you want to, your budget is limitless, what is your choice?

A tipi wedding in the great outdoors. Not too flash despite the budget and not too many people there. Harry would want an open bar so that’s probably where the budget would go. It would have to be in this country 

4. You can get back in time and relive one family trip, which one?

Venice where dad pretend to be a tour guide and actually got people to follow him in the street. 

5. What is the first thing you would pack for a one year travel around the world

My camera 

6. What would your fantasy 100th birthday destination be, and why?

Oh Lordy that’s hard to predict in 89 years time haha just anywhere where my loved ones are. If I had to pick I would have to say Tortola. 

7. During your travel you can learn one sport to become a pro, what would that be?

Pool. I’m halfway there already... or atleast I like to think I am! 

So there we have it, make sure to leave me your links below if you do this tag yourself! 

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Boyfriend guesses price of my makeup #2

So we both loved writing and doing this post last time and so we thought we would give it another go today! Again Harry doesn't know about any of the prices for these but he has been in the shops when I have purchased them.... lets see how he does!

Item #1 - L'oreal Le Blush

Harry's Guess - Well as it says Le Blush I'm going to go out on a whim and say it's a blusher. I reckon L'oreal know how to charge plus the name sounds fancy so I'm going to say £19.99

Actual Price - It is indeed a blusher but it costs £7.99

Item #2 - Revolution baked highlighter

Harry's Guess - Baked highlighter is that the thing you put around your eyes to highlight them for some reason? Never heard of the brand but baked sounds like an expensive extra - £7.99

Actual Price - so highlighter is what goes on your cheeks to give them that healthy glow, sometimes I put it on my eyes but not very often, the cost is £3.00

Item #3 - Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

Harry's Guess - The matte thing is the thing you put on your cheeks after you've put the liquid thing on with the sponge. Its applied with a brush. That's as much as I know, probably £20?

Actual Price - I love the descriptions there.... the liquid is the foundation I use and this is my setting powder! The price is £3.99

Item #4 - Real Techniques Beauty Sponge

Harry's Guess - It's the sponge thing you use to put foundation on. Extortionately priced for a bit of sponge.. will say £8

Actual Price - It's £5.99 but works wonders for my foundation!

Item #5 Clean and Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion

Harry's Guess - Clean and clear it makes your skin look glowy and shiny. Very competitvely priced at £3.99

Actual Price - I love the way this makes my skin feel! You are right, it is indeed £3.99

So there are Harry's answers, I suppose 1/5 isn't bad and he wasn't too far off with the others! Have you ever asked your boyfriend how much your beauty products are? Or would you know how much his items cost?

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Long Haul Flights

So I'm not a huge fan of flying at all but with my job that is something that I do a lot of! Once you've been on one flight you kind of learn the ins and outs pretty quickly, you realise what you should have packed and stuff you packed but didn't really need and if your like me and pack for every scenario thats normally quite a lot!

My first long haul flight was around 11 hours before that I had done a few smaller flights normally no longer than 4 hours and so this was just the same but just a hell of a lot longer!

What do I wear? 

So this is something that everyone finds different but personally I like to wear loose clothing so that I'm comfortable during the flight and don't feel restricted in anyway. I normally opt for leggings and a comfy jumper and underneath a loose fitting t shirt in case I get too hot.

What to pack. 

There are always going to be the same essentials that I take every flight and with travelling in general. Here is my carry on luggage list:

  • Good book to read (everyone has their own preferences and mine would be a good crime book that I can really get stuck into and make the time go that little bit quicker!) 

  • Travel pillow - I can sleep pretty much anywhere but I love to sleep in comfort, I got my pillow from TK Max, its memory foam and the best travel pillow I've ever used! 

  • Snacks - this is a must!! You never know when hunger is going to strike and you need a little something to keep you going. Snacks also covers sweets and gum for taking off and landing! 

  • Scarf - I have one of those big scarfes that open out into the big blanket type and these are my first choice to take! Especially since flights can get quite cold with the air conditioning on all the time. 

  • Throat sweets - speaking of air conditioning I always take some throat sweets and paracetamol as I get such a dry throat from the recycled air! 

  • Computer - Either a computer, phone, Ipod anything with the latest films and music on to keep you occupied! With this Headphones are another must have! 

Tips whilst on the plane. 

I am one of those people that reads multiple blogs, magazine articles about what to do on flights before I go just to make sure I feel prepared and have some sort of plan to keep myself occupied! 

Drink plenty, now I am really bad at this on a day to day basis but on a flight it is so important as the air is very dry and can dehydrate you very quickly. Another top tip is to keep mobile, keep walking around every so often even doing little exercises in your seat can stop you from going stiff and getting the dreaded dead leg after the long flight! 

Take some bits so that you can freshen up, take 5 to 10 minutes to yourself to make yourself feel good again, I always take a mini kit filled with a toothbrush, wipes and just other bits and pieces that will make you feel fresh.... flights can make you feel extremely yucky! 

So there are just a few of my top tips! I'd love if you could share your's in the comments as I'm constantly searching for new things to try!

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Tips for when you are away from home for a while

So I work away for about 10 months of the year, don't get me wrong I absolutely love my job however I always make sure to keep in touch with home and before I go away there are some little bits that I do to give to family and friends. I thought today I would share some of my tips for those of you who are away from home for long periods of time. 

1. Be prepared: 
This is a pretty simple one to do. Firstly I find out the dates i'm going to be away and then I think of any birthdays/ Christmas / Anniversaries and then I write each person a card for the specific occasion this means I can give them their presents to put away before I go.

2. Think outside the box:
So you know that you aren't going to be there for a prolonged amount of time so what can you do that makes it feel like you are? I give the special people in my life notes or little jars filled with memories and then every time they are missing me they can read one! This is possibly my favourite thing to do as its cost effective but means the world to someone when they are missing you. 

3. Keep in touch
Create group chats before you go away and make sure you add everyone to them, this way it means you can keep everyone updated at the same time and saves you a lot of time rather than having to message everyone individually! This is a LIFE SAVER for me, I don't always have time to message everyone but having one place means I can keep everyone in the loop without wasting time. 

4. Make times together special 
Making sure you make time for everyone is another huge thing, when I come home I have about 2 months and so I make the most of it by organising weekends away, day trips, family nights at home. Being away just means that you value the time together more. 

5. Have fun
This is such an important one to remember, its very easy to dwell upon what you are missing at home but you also need to think about all the fun things you are doing and making the very most of it. 

So there we have it just 5 tips that I do that make working away from home that little bit easier, do you work away from home or have a partner that does? Would love to hear what you think in the comments below. 

Sunday, 14 April 2019

These are a few of my favourite things

So I love thinking about things I love and enjoying doing and I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite things on my blog so you can all get to know me a bit better! I would also love if anyone wanted to do their own and popped me a comment below so I can read yours! 

Spending many a Saturday morning feeding the goats at our local petting zoo is one of my all time favourite things to do, one day I will have my own! 

Bohemian Rhapsody - this has been my favourite song for the longest time, I couldn't even tell you when or where I first heard it but it very quickly become a firm favourite and my go to karaoke song... you've got to do all the little voices too! 

TV show: 

New tricks - So if you don't know what this is, its basically a TV Series (quite an old one now) where a bunch of retired detectives form a new squad in the Met Police... its just so funny and good old fashioned humour! 

Ice cream flavour: 

Mint Choc Chip - Always will be! I am a huge huge fan of Mint Choc Chip ice cream, nothing else will ever compare!


Greatest Showman - I feel like this may be a few peoples favourite film but its just one of those feel good films and I often find myself singing along... okay more than often its all the time! 

Alcoholic Drink: 

Rum and coke - I worked in the Caribbean for over a year and this quickly became my firm favourite from that, before I went I had never even tried it! 

Non Alcoholic drink: 

Pineapple Juice - Seems like a strange one this I feel. How many other people would say pineapple juice? I feel like its not a lot! 


Duck pancakes.... could eat this all day everyday! I also surprise myself, Harry and also my family at how many I get eat and not get bored of it. Give me a plate of duck and a HUGE bowl of hoisin sauce and it would keep me quite for a while! 

Kids programme: 

Tracy Beaker - this was my staple programme before school! I loved it when they brought it back and of course when the new My Mum Tracy Beaker book came out I had to be the first to get it! 


A Vintage Affair - this was another charity shop find and I just love this book, I have read it a dozen times. 


Flannel - this is just one of those words the more you say it the more ridiculous it sounds! 

Cecilia Ahern - Many of you will have probably of heard of or seen P.s I love you, well Cecilia Ahern wrote the book for that. Every story she writes I have to get and find myself constantly getting my nose stuck in one of her books! I've read them all several time and still love them. 

So those are a few of my favourite things! I would love if you did take part and do this on your blog, link it back to me and then I'll be able to have a look and see! 

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Charity Shops Tips and Tricks

So Charity shops are full of hidden Gem's you just need to know what you are looking for and be prepared to have a dig around! A lot of people have a pre conception about Charity shops but honestly they are a great alternative, you get good quality, good brands and best of all you are helping out a good cause. Today I'm going to pass on some of my charity shop tips!

Get rid of preconceptions 

Like I said before a lot of people have pre conceptions of charity shops and think they are full of tatty old things that nobody wants.... it couldn't be further from the truth! There is nothing to be embarrassed about going to a charity shop if anything your going to save a lot of money!

Be prepared to have a good dig around 

There is no point going into a charity shop if your not going to properly rummage, there is not point leafing through a few items and then leaving you need to have a good look!

Pop in regularly

Items are being donated everyday so the more often you go in the better chance you have of finding something! Always remember don't buy anything for the sake of it and also bear in mind charity shops aren't always cheaper.... you need to keep eagle eyed!

Be openminded 
Don't go in with just one item in mind, you might just happen to stumble across something else you have been after for ages or forgot about or even something that would suit you perfectly. There are so many surprises to be found if you just look!

I would love to hear if you have any charity shop tricks! Leave them in the comments below!

Sunday, 31 March 2019

Face Mask Favourites

Face masks are a great way to relax and also give your skin that bit of TLC it deserves, every blogger and his dog probably own a stash of face masks and I am no different, I have every variety you can think of from clay masks to sheet masks and everything in between but there are 3 stand out face masks that I find myself reaching for over and over again. 

Soap and Glory No clogs allowed self heating deep pore detox mask:

The first one is my absolute favourite and has been for a while! Its the Soap and Glory No clogs allowed self heating deep pore detox mask, it retails for £11.50 but trust me its well worth the price! Not only does a small little tube last me ages but the way my skin feels afterwards is amazing! The packaging is nothing really special but I quite like the simplicity of it and its perfect for use on the go which is really important for me since I do travel a lot!

I am always so impressed with the results from this mask, my skin feels smooth, soft and clean! No other masks that I have ever used make my skin feel as clean as this one does which I love. I try and use this mask regularly and can see a noticeable difference and visibility of blackheads and spots (which is just a huge bonus for me too!)

Soap and Glory fab pore 2-in-1 facial mask and peel: 

Again another Soap and Glory product but honestly I have not found a face mask brand that works as well as these!

So not only do I use this face mask but this is Harry's favourite aswell... I've got him well trained in the pamper night routine and him normally asks now when we are doing one! So this face mask costs £10 and comes in a little pot rather than a tube. I tend not to take this one with me as much when I'm travelling purely because a tube is easier and fits into a case better.

The smell of this mask I must admit isn't my favourite but after a few uses I hardly even notice that now. I mainly apply this to my T - Zone along with any other places I have a few extra spots. The texture is really thick and creamy and trust me with this product a little goes a long way! I find that this face mask not only clears my pores and gets out all the nasty things in my pores but it also does a brilliant job at exfoliating my skin!

With this mask you have the option to leave it on for 5 minutes for a quick cleanse or 15 for a deep cleanse and then remove. This is something that is quite simple in theory but I love as it means I can still do a Face mask even if I don't have much time!

Simple kind to skin Pollution protect face mask: 

Now I must admit I was never a huge lover of a sheet mask... I hate the sensation and first and to be completely honest it used to make me feel a little bit sick (Not sure why it just did!) But my friend recommended I tried the simple range.

At first I was a bit put off by the fact it was a sheet mask but in the end I gave it a go and I am so so glad I did! I absolutely love this mask, this is more of a mask for when you need a pick me up and a bit of moisture back in your skin.

I find that these are the perfect thing to pop into my carry on bags for planes, since I do a lot of travelling on planes this really helps to keep my skin looking and feeling hydrated whilst also adding a natural glow! 

This mask costs £2.99 which is incredible and many a time can be found on a 3 for 2 offer, the only downside to sheet masks is that you can only use them once but this is the one I always use if I want to give my skin a bit of a boost!

So those are a few of my favourite face masks, I would love to hear in the comments what yours are!

Sunday, 24 March 2019

My Perfect Sunday

Now I love nothing more than staying in on a Sunday especially in winter when it’s cold and wet outside and just knowing I’m inside nice, warm and snuggly!

To start with I wake up, put the kettle on and make some breakfast I’ll then usually as a treat take it back to bed and have a read/ comment through some blogs, Sunday is the day I really put time aside to focus on my blog but also to check out new bloggers and reading through their latest blog posts.

After I have had my breakfast and read a few posts I will have a shower and get changed into some comfy clothes which normally consists of pyjama bottoms, knitted jumper and fluffy socks! 

Sunday’s are also my odd job days so if I’ve got any tidying to do or anything I’ll do it leisurely throughout the day. Whilst doing this I'll put on a good playlist of the songs I have been loving recently and normally sing at the top of my lungs whilst doing the jobs. One of my favourite jobs to do is to wake up and put fresh sheets on my bed because then later I can get into a clean bed which I love! 

I know I am still using my christmas mug but its because its the perfect shape for hot chocolate! 

Sundays are also a bit of a pamper day for me so I will normally light some candles in the evening and then I'll pop a face mask on before watching a few series on Netflix and settle down with a hot chocolate. 

So that is my average Sunday routine, let me know in the comments what your Sunday routine is! 

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Girlfriend Tag

So a few months ago we did a Boyfriend Tag, which you can read here and Harry has been pestering me ever since for me to answer some questions, so I sent him off with a note book and these are the answers he came back with! Lets see who knows each other best! 

   What is my shoe size?

Gem – You are a size 12! Big big feet compared to my little size 6

 Harry - Indeed I do have freak’s feet. It’s a nightmare to get shoes that fit

    What drink do I always order?

Gem - It would either be a Tsingtao if they have it, after that some sort of beer or if you were going non alcoholic a coke

 Harry - Bang on. My favorite beer that.

Where would I most love to travel to?

Gem  - Copacabana!

 Harry - I’m not sure if I ever mentioned that, I think I might have done haha

What am I deathly afraid of?

Gem  - Dying I would say is your first one, followed by spiders and loosing me?

 Harry - Perfect answer. They all equally scare the living daylights out of me

  Where was our first trip together?

Gem - Well fun story about this one isn’t there?! Well Harry and I had spent the day together and then his friend picks him up to go to a gig in Liverpool, I then head home about to jump in the shower when Harry rings saying do I want to come as there is a spare ticket so I quickly get myself in the car and drive down only to turn up and be told it was an overnight… I hadn’t packed a toothbrush or anything!

 Harry - Well I had heard that girls like spontaneity and was playing on that. It turned out to be rather fun I thought in the end, although where we were staying was a right old dump.  

  What is my favourite video game?

Gem  - I’m not sure If this counts but I would have said Guitar hero or proper video game Fifa.

Harry - All valid answers, it’s a toss up between fifa and GTA V probably just edging towards GTA V that being said I do take my guitar hero probably too seriously

What’s my favourite city?

Gem – I’m sure we have never fully talked about this so going to go out on a whim and say Manchester?

Harry - For England it is indeed Manchester, abroad id have to say… probably… oo that’s a tough one. If I had to say right here right now.. Salzburg

 What is my weirdest interest?

Gem – I don’t think you have anything particularly weird, you just once you find something get very into it!

Harry – I’m not really a weird interest sort of chap. Does Little Mix count?

What TV Show do I like but you hate?

Gem – where to start?! Hahaha the main one I would say is Big mouth, but see I am perfect because when I fall asleep early you can watch all of this!

Harry - Ah yes Big Mouth haha, then there’s also Paradise PD, Ideal, MOTD. I could go on

If I was an animal which one would I be?

Gem – ohhh this is quite hard! I would say a monkey!

Harry - Fun fact the answer used to be a Cobra.

 Who is the more dominant one in the relationship?

Gem – we are a very relaxed couple, really easy going and everything so I would say we both share it!

Harry - We do make a good team, nahhh no one is really in charge we don’t really worry about that sort of thing.

What is the first thing that I do in the morning?

Gem – turn your alarm off several times till you’ve overslept?! No maybe give me a cuddle or if I’m not there sit and scroll on your phone for a bit.

Harry - Im not a morning person at all – if anything I hate them, so yeah I’ll do anything to avoid waking up. I do not like the sound of an alarm

If I could live anywhere in the world where would I live?

Gem  - Costa Rica?

Harry - Best place in the world that it’s a paradise with beer for a dollar a bottle. Its beautiful.

 I’m making a sandwich, what would be on it?

Gem – first of all I have never ever seen you make a sandwich apart from a bacon sandwich so that one? Unless I’ve asked you for a tuna one!

Harry - Anything that’s full of meat so yeah bacon would be a good shout. Whatever youre having id tend to have that.

 What’s my worst habit?

Gem – I wouldn’t say you have any bad habits, nothing stands out anyway.

Harry - I do try anyway to not do anything toooooo irritating

Who said I love you first?

Gem  - You did after attempting to a few times! 

Harry - I was so nervous that first time I tried to but thought it was too early and dint think you would react well so I had to bail. Think it worked out rather well.

 I’m ordering pizza what does it have on it?

Gem - Meat…. Tons and tons of meat! Something like a mighty meaty from Dominoes 

 Harry - Meat. Anything meaty. Mighty meaty, texas bbq, metalicious. All meat all the time. Im a relapsed vegetarian.