Sunday, 13 January 2019

What I've been listening to recently

So today I wanted to talk you through what I've been listening to this week. My music taste and knowledge is increased dramatically recently. I now for the first time have my own iPod, a nice little touch that Harry got my as a coming home present. Since we have been together I have picked up some of his tastes and thought I’d share with you what a diverse mix I’ve had on over the past month. 

1)  Oasis: Acoustic Glory, 2016

Now somewhat being immersed in the present vogue of indie culture, I stood there in the store with this in one hand and their MTV unplugged show. I was unsure.. I went for both in the end haha. I do love me a good live album and its great to stick an acoustic album on when i'm doing my posts, helps me think and is rather relaxing. All the best of Oasis taken from when they were in their prime.

Gemma says: “A nice mellow album for the evenings. Supersonic and Champagne Supernova in any form are always good. If you want the full Oasis experience you’ll want a studio album”

2)  Little Mix: Glory Days, 2015

Here we have one of Harry’s most prized possessions: his limited edition pink disc of Little Mix’s Glory Days. The thing is warped from playing it so much! So I didn’t know Harry was quite into Little Mix up to including the t-shirts; all the albums; the posters in his room oh and taking me to see them after knowing each other for about a month! Romance am I right girls? So naturally I would have picked up a bit and I have been listening to them for a while now. Ask Harry about my lovely rendition of Joan of Arc. My personal favourites are: Power, Touch and Oops.

Harry says: “ the best of their albums goes: Glory Days, LM5, Get Weird, DNA, Salute 

3)  Ed Sheeran: X, 2014

My favourite of Ed’s. Never a bad word for the man and recently I’ve been going back to his slightly older stuff as you just cant fault whats on there – Thinking Out loud always gets me there *Gestures towards chest* A fellow ginger, he is one of my favourite artists and just has a great selection of chill out tunes. There isn’t a dud insight and not a lot of filler. However I must say I cant always get hold of this album or his later one ‘Divide’ owing to Harry having taken a loan of them… this was in 2017 but hopefully he is converting and starting to warm to him.

 Gemma says “ Ed always delivers. All I want to do now is see him live that’s on my bucket list

4)  Luther Vandross: Any Love, 1988

So this is a new one to me, this was played just out of the blue one day and I found myself tapping along nodding my head as you do then all of a sudden I jump up and im breaking our in my own improvised dance routine – video available upon request. I first came across Luther when Harry played me “Never Too Much” by Luther on our anniversary and much like Little Mix as he is one of his favourites I hear a lot of his records and sure yeah I’ve gotten into Luther my god what a voice. My personal pick would have to be “Any Love” choreography available.

 Gemma says: “ what a soothing voice, I got my routine on point and my god I love to have a little dance. Catch me on the floor and watch me bop till I drop... much to everyone's delight around me, think of dad dancing!”

5)  Neutral Milk Hotel: Airplane Over the Sea, 1998

So chances are none of you will have heard of this, alternative is most definitely the word. Listening to this it sounds like it has come straight from the 1930’s. with such fun titles as “two-headed boy” and “The king of Carrot Flowers” this is certainly different. If the names weren’t enough ‘white noise’ and ‘shortwave radio’ are listed as instruments while also using an instrument called the zanzithophone it’s a fun listen, it sounds rough and ready made, its rustic and yet its brilliant. My favourite piece though is the pop culture come industrial come Victorian esque art work. Go give it a listen, sure its different but it’s a nice little find.

 Gemma says: “well…. I mean its different and at first I wasn’t sure what I thought about it purely because it doesn’t sound finished. Fun fact: this was the best selling vinyl album of 2008 which considering vinyl wasn’t big then.. can mean either good or a bad thing haha.”

So that was just a little selection of what I was listening to this week and small glimpse at what I’m into. As ever let me know what you think in the comments and thanks for reading! 

Gemma xx 

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